DownSounD Crew


Forming in January 2008, Tirgu-Mures DJs Lejoix, A-tesz, and Sauce continued the party organizing tradition of BaMSe and LBC crews within the local electronic music scene.  Their main priority was to make the underground style more wide spread.  In doing so, they made their appearences in local clubs regular and by blending hip-hop, funk, minimal, electro, breakbeat, dubstep, and drum and bass styles they developed the Get Out!, Get Down and Different Style party brands.  Whatever party it may be, DownSounD is a guarantee for quality entertainment.



More than 15 years ago Lejoix discovered his passion for music.  He began playing guitar in several bands, which varied in style and toured throughout Romania. There were many musical influences in his life, especially his fondness of many different genres of music and the progressive qualities in each style.  Early pioneers like Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode introduced Lejoix to electronic music, but he found the real call to this particular type of music when he first heard Future Sound of London – Dead Cities (the album), Prodigy, early Massive Attack, and Portishead.  Also, Lejoix was heavily influenced by the drumandbass sound in the early 2000s, and he developed a very ambient deep sound for drumandbass. In addition, his love for rock music attracted him to the “trashy” sound of drumandbass, . The most important artists that you can hear in his dj set are: Calibre, D-Bridge, John B, Pendulum, BSE, Chase&Satus, Cyantific, Calyx & Teebee, Spor, Rregula, Dementia, Break etc.  Lejoix is constantly in the search of new sounds and new ways to improve his selections, currently including breaks, electro and techno in his sets from artists like: Plump DJ’s, Stanton Warriors, Aquasky, 4Kuba, Myagi, General Midi, Freestylers, Krafty Kuts, Chemical Brothers. Being the co-founder of the Downsound Crew, he played many gigs and participated with the other members of the DSD Crew in organizing many events and is constantly searching for new ways to support, and spread the underground community. Soundcloud Myspace Facebook


A-tesz 1The possibility of self-expression through music was before him even as a teen, looking for chances to mix his own musical taste with the time’s pop, rnb and hip-hop trends in private parties. A few years later, dance, house and trance got his attention, genres closer to his life rhythm. He first got in contact with the drum and bass “virus” thanks to friends and by studying abroad, and he hasn’t found a cure ever since. One of the symptoms is obsessive collection of vinyl records from artists like Wax Doctor, Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Adam F, Zinc, Ed Rush & Optical, Concord Dawn, Bad Company, Black Sun Empire, Teebee, Temper D, High Contrast, Tactile, Matrix & Futurebound, Break and many more, making his musical offer colorful and diverse. Some of his favourite labels are Subtitles, Commercial Suicide, Levitated, Soul:R, Revolution, Metalheadz, RAM, Timeless, Viper, Symmetry, Signature, Focuz LTD, Citrus, V Recordings, Hostile, DSCI4, Hospital. Soundcloud Myspace



Dj Sauce is one of the most appreciated dj’s of the new wave. His style is complex and unique. He’s had a passion for music since he was a kid, being an old fan of hip-hop music. Musically, Sauce’s style is off the charts. Being an eclectic style, it can’t be defined by a single musical genre approached in his mixes. Having his debut in hip-hop inspired him and allowed to use the versatility and complexity of the mother-genre to further widen his area of inspiration. Hip-hop is known as a genre that includes and combines various styles and Sauce became focused on creating mixes in apparently different styles. In other words, he manages to combine rock, funk, oldies and electronic music. Myspace